This site is a collection of historical data that is continually evolving thanks to the help of family and friends and has been created with the hope of preserving the memories of my ancestors.

All photographs, document images and notes, were obtained from public libraries, local record offices, the public record office at Kew Gardens, local family history societies, local museums, lectures and contacts found on the internet.

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Tracing family roots in England and Wales has been relatively straightforward from the 19th century thanks to the introduction of national birth, marriage and death registrations in 1837 and from census returns dating from 1841. Some births before 1875 were not registered due to the belief that births did not have to be registered if a child had been baptised. Records pre-dating 1837 are only found in parish registers which were introduced by an Act of Parliament in 1597. Beyond 1597 it is extremely difficult although there are a few registers going back as far as 1538.

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