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D0401 John Champion Marriage Certificate 1849 D0402 Mary Ann Champion Marriage Certificate 1871 D0403 Thirza Champion Marriage Certificate 1876 D0405 Samuel Champion Marriage Certificate 1883 D0406 Elizabeth Champion Marriage Certificate 1885 D0501 Mary Ann Champion Parish Baptism 1852 D0502 Thirza Champion Parish Baptism 1856 D0503 Elizabeth Champion Parish Baptism 1858 D0504 William Henry Champion Parish Baptism 1859 D0505 Samuel Beer Champion Parish Baptism 1863
D0506 William Thomas Champion Parish Baptism 1883 D0507 Lilian Champion Parish Baptism 1885 D0508 John James Champion Parish Baptism 1888 D0601 John Beer Champion Parish Burial 1852 D0602 Ann Champion Parish Burial 1873 D0603 John Champion Parish Burial 1885 D0604 Mary Ann Champion Parish Burial 1895 D0801 John Champion Parish Marriage by Banns 1849 D0802 Thirza Champion Parish Marriage by Banns 1876 D0901 John Champion Apprenticeship Indenture 1833
M0101 Bridgetown, Monkleigh, Devon M0102 Barry Cemetery Plan M0103 St Mary's Church Cemetery Plan N0101 Bridgwater Mercury, 21 Nov 1911 article headed 'Bridgwater Vessel Lost' off the Welsh Coast W1350 Pension Record; George Thomas Northover, 24th Batt. London Regiment, Pte 2642 WW1001-1704 April 22-24 1917 War Diary, 2nd Batt. Hampshires WW1001-1807 July 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1001-1808 August 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1001-1809 September 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1001-1810 October 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI
WW1001-1811 November 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1001-1812 December 1918 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1001-1901 January 1919 War Diary, 1st Batt. DCLI WW1004 - 2 Battalion Hampshire Regiment Operational Order 20 April 1917 WW1200 Profile of 15834 Private Charlie NORTHOVER WW1201 Profile of 29814 Private Herbert Claude NORTHOVER WW1250 Medal Index Card; Northover Zaccheus C., D of Corn L.I., Pte, 38122 WW1251 Medal Index Card; Northover George Thomas, 24th Lond. R, 2642, Pte WW1252 Medal Index Card; Northover Herbert C., Hamps R, Pte, 29814
WW1253 Medal Index Card; Northover Charlie, N. Staff R., Pte, 15834
WW1301 Army Service Record 15834 Pte Charlie Northover WW1400-01 In Memory of Private Herbert Claude NORTHOVER WW1400-02 Arras War Memorial WW1400-03 Arras Cemetery Plan WW1400-03 Basra War Memorial Plan WW1401-01 In Memory of Private Charlie NORTHOVER WW1401-02 Basra War Memorial WW1500-1704 Third Army Situation Map April 1917 WW1501-1704 Barrage Map April 1917 WW1502-1704 Ariel View of Objectives within Divisional Boundaries April 1917
WW2401-01 In Memory of Serjeant Charles Henry OZIER WW2401-05 Kirkee War Cemetery Plan, Khadki, Maharashtra, India

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